March 11th, 2013


Cult Ep.1.01 & Utopia

Ok, not a show I'm gonna stick with. The characters are flat, stereotypical and boring. The plot smells like generic mystery that never will work out from ten miles away. And it really feels offensive to fandom. I mean it was all fun and games when Supernatural did it, but this is just stupid.

On the good side of my tv watching there was the first season of Utopia, which I burned through. That's how you do demisurreal mystery with quirky characters. Really loved it and can't wait for the second season. It was really dark and so scary it was sometimes almost painful to watch, but the plot is really enticing and I wonder where they plan to take it. + British Actors.

I feel like I'm losing track of the good stuff out there. Is there anything new I should give a try?