July 22nd, 2012

Granny Tyrell

The Attraction of Violence

Hey, I finally managed to let my mind wander again and found something fannish to write about:

I was wondering why some couples with a very violent streak like Buffy/ Spike or Starbuck/Apollo appeal to me so much. I'm picky with my violence and it is not something that I find appealing in itself. Actually it tends to squick me, when one partner is physically abused by the other as is so often the case in reality.

Thing is even as a kid I always loved friendships that started with a good fight. I love the staff fight between Robin Hood and Little John, I adored the fights the knights of the round table had, before they became fast friends. I loved the fights between Kirk and Spock or the way D'Artagnan starts off having a duel with each of the musketeers. These rocky starts and fights somehow always managed to set up the characters as respecting each other's skills. The fights cleared the air, it solved something. This is of course fantasy violence but the way it works between those characters, it is not about one character abusing the other, it's more creating a set up of mutual respect.

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