January 4th, 2012

Granny Tyrell

Mark watches Buffy

I really enjoy Mark watches Buffy. In fact I was looking into it every day to find out if he had finally arrived at School Hard. I love how perfectly he gets it and the fact that he is completely unspoiled. Season 2 is simply perfect for that, because season 1 is a comparatively normal standard television show. In the beginning of season 2 (I also watched it completely unspoiled back in the day) you really think you know what to expect. The annoying one will be the villain and then after School Hard, yeah, Spike will be the villain, but it is still not all that special.

Yes, sure the story about Angel's oh so dark past was told, but I ,at least,  was not prepared at all for just how evil Angelus really was. And I really can't wait for Mark to discover it.

I also loved that he knew the instant after watching the first ever Angel/Spike scene that there must be millions of slashfics about them out there. Heee.

Reading his take on the show is the most enjoyable fandom thing I have seen in a very long time. Makes me think that maybe I will get over the comic fiasco after all and get back in the game.