December 23rd, 2011

Granny Tyrell


I have already switched to DW multiple times, but never permanently. The main reason for this is the fact that so many people I want to read are still on LJ.

But I will try to switch to DW as my main journal for good this time, less because of the current changes (although I do need the spell check, it's what saves my dyslexic ass) but because of the ads.

Maybe I'm just getting old but lately I have become really bothered with all sorts of advertising. It grates on me immensely and I feel like it is polluting my mind 24/7, yelling at me from all sides, without me having a chance to yell back properly  (seriously my whole 50.000 word nano story, the first one I properly finished, ended up revolving around that topic, a romance of billboard vandalism) And the notion that they know how annoying it is and that you can pay to have it turned down finally is in itself disturbing.

So I think this time I will really stick with DW as my main journal. I will keep up the crossposting but I might not check my LJ-flist as often as I used to. I'm happy however to add anyone over here.