October 2nd, 2011

Granny Tyrell

Some time finally

I'm finally having a weekend that is at least somewhat quiet. I still feel the mild pull of guilt when I sit down to just watch tv and hang my brain out to dry but yay, I finally did it.

I finished Miracle day, finally! The good thing about Torchwood is that I have no expectations about it whatsoever, so I was not disappointed. Miracle day was not even close to Children of the Earth, but it still had some excellent moments. The only thing about it I really disliked was the 24ness. The mole...god...I did not realize how stupid I find it until now. Ugh, just leave me alone with boring high tech spy centrals.

I loved several other things though, Gwen for one thing was fantasic in this one and also I loved all the jabs at high heeled action stars.

Next on my catching up list is Doctor Who, which is a bit more complicated because I always watch it with a bunch of friends but I'm very much looking forward to it. Also we are planning to do a rewatch of the whole new Who soon.

And then I got some new shows about which I'm not sure about on my harddrive. Would anyone be so kind to tell me which of them is worth watching?

The secret circle
Terra Nova

I know I deffinitely have to see The Hour too but is there any other new stuff that I'm missing?

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