April 10th, 2011

Granny Tyrell

Long time, little see

Thought it's time to post something again. I'm mostly lurking these days. I'm burried in work at the moment, but it actually feels good, because I feel like I'm getting on with my career now in a way that I didn't before.

But there is of course time for a little tv, even if it is much less than it was before. I started to watch Camelot as brainbubblegum, but I'm afraid it's even too bad for that. Where did they find those actors? I think I'll stick with Merlin as King Arthur shows go, at least that one is fun. I really hope Starz (or what they're called) will do a better job with Torchwood.

I'm also finally catching up with Being Human (two episodes left, no spoilers please) Collapse )