February 20th, 2010

Granny Tyrell


snagged this from all around. So here is a little list of my treasures:

BtvS: 1-7
Angel: 1-5
Dollhouse: 1
Firefly: 1 + Serenity
BSG: Miniseries and S1
Six feet under: 1-5
Gilmore Girls: 1-7
Supernatural: 1
Veronika Mars: 1-3
Babylon 5: 1-5

and here are some of the older shows I own:

Robin Hood 1-3 (The series with Miachel Praed and Jason Connery, I adored it as a child)
I dream of Jeannie 1 ( I have no excuse for this one, another childhood favorite, I ahd been looking forward to seeing it in English only to find out that I can't stand it because of the canned laughter)
The Persuaders: 1-2 (Still love that show, it's so slashy, also so funny to be able to be switch between languages, because the translators did not keep to the original text, they inserted a ton of new jokes and the german version has twice as much text and about trice as much jokes, it was so good, that they translated the german version into french instead of the original english)
Jeeves and Wooster S1