February 13th, 2010

Granny Tyrell

Old and new times

I felt a little bored and found a very nice website that has full lenght documentaries streamed.  I watched this one about the Dixie Chicks, called "shut up and sing" about an incident I hadn't heard about before, where one of the band said something like she's ashamed of Bush on a UK gig.  This got witch hunt of insane would-be patriots going, who burned their cds and whatnot.
The basic tenor being that criticising Bush meant to be unpatriotic, obviously a right wing movement.

Now these days the right wingers (the teabags or whatever they call themselves) are calling Obama a nazi and worse (and for much worse reasons, since he's not starting new wars) and somehow that is not unpatriotic ??? I think I'll never get how hypocricy like that can work for so long on such a grand scale.

I never was a big fan of patriotism, I think it's just  nationalism pretending to be nice, but I always try to understand it, because it seems to be so important in the US. But with things like that, I think I'm never quite going to get it. If it really is seen as something positive in the US, why don't the democrats turn it around and use it too?