November 30th, 2009

Granny Tyrell

A pet peeve I have with fandom, or more likely with the world

Can people please just stop calling women sluts just because they are not sparkly, pure, perfect virgins all the time, who only bestow the gift of coitus on their one true loves ?!?

I've run across this several time now in Buffy fandom, when Buffy is called a slut for sleeping with Spike. And I'm quite sick of having to defend her, while the male cast is never accused of slutty behavior. Xander has been with almost every heterosexual woman on the show and only rarely was it the result of teh great love. Angel slept with women, he didn't really love, so did Spike and so did Wes. Yet somehow it's always the girls that end up with that accusation.

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And double grrr for how many women in fandom seem to push this saint/whore-stereotype.