July 25th, 2009

Granny Tyrell

Hear me wail!

One of my external harddrives is badly injured and now I fear for 300 GB of goodness. I had so much stuff on this drive. It's not totally broken, but the mini USB connection broke off the board.

So now that I've pried the stupid thing appart and can pretty much forget the warranty (which would have given me a new drive, but I'd have lost all the data) I can either try to braze (or solder, I don't know, which is the correct english word) the connection port back on the board, which looks ike it's much to teensy weensy for my clumsy tinkering skills. Or I can take appart my computer again and connect the disk like a normal hard drive... grrrr.

I really hope I get it to work again in some way or another.