May 14th, 2009

Granny Tyrell

Dear network powers that be...

would you kindly renew:

Chuck (because it's pure unadulterated awesomeness)
Castle (because Nathan Fillion is love and it's the most fun crime show in years)
Dollhouse (because it finally lived up to it's promises and I need to know what happens next)

and would you please perform a  resurrection miracle on TSCC (with maybe only Summer Glau and John Henry) and on Kings (because it had brilliant acting and an incredibly intriguing setting).

Did I miss something?
Granny Tyrell

Fic: Times and Shapes part 2

Title: Times and Shapes
Author: flake_sake
Chapter: 2/10 part 1 can be found here
Pairings: S/B naturally, but there’s a twist to it and there might be a bit of past Spike/ Angelus
Setting: Post chosen, loosely tying into comic canon
Rating: like show
Warnings: Contains a temporary sex change
Summary: Buffy is on a slayer undercover mission in London and runs into Spike without him recognizing her.
Disclaimer: not mine, all Joss
Feedback: is loved, con crit would be welcome too. This is my first try at something longer and plottier on my own.

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