April 14th, 2009

Granny Tyrell

Amazon fail update

Looks like this is really turning into a pretty deep mess for amazon.
I was just checking the site and then to see if some books I care about have gotten their ranks back (happy to report a lot of them have), then I tried "homosexuality" as a searchword again to see if it still turned up only those crap books about healing gay people. Turns out the "Parent's guide to prevent homosexuality" is still on top, BUT is now equipped with pictures of the KKK and a swastica.

If amazon was really responsible for the censorship in the first place they certainly deserve the PR nightmare they're having right now, but if this came from abuse of the rating system it's going to turn the place upside down in the worst way.

I kind of liked the customer rating system and with all it's flaws (like reviews of genre haters on genre books) I still found it very informative and found features like fotos of the products very handy most of the time. Now the site is probably going to be trolled from all sides.