April 12th, 2009

Granny Tyrell

Doctor Who -Planet of the dead

Wow, I was so desperately in need of a Who fix and this did a very fine job. Liked Christina, as far as one time companions go she was a pretty nifty one.
But who did music this time? It was dreadful. Me and my friends already have minor traumata from the bad austrian movies of our childhoods, we all sat in front of the tv and half expected Hans Moser to make an entrance, or Sissi, or singing nuns , it was folklore horrifying right till the end when it sounded like the Doctor would now leave on a waltzing Lipizzaner  *shudders*.

Also I took a closer look at Dreamwidth and it really looks all kinds of sweet, I like it how they named their features and how it seems to be possible to adjust every little thing to your own liking of privacy. Really hope I can get my hands on a beta account to play more ecessively.