April 20th, 2008

Granny Tyrell

The Buffy Tarot

There is going to be a Buffy Tarot game by Darkhose, I guess by now that's already old news. Here are some first glimpses at it.
I personally think the artwork is gorgeous and I'm very happy that they chose to make original artwork instead of just sticking halfway fitting pictures on the cards as it sometimes happens with theme tarot games. Also they tried to connect the Rider Waite symbolism with characters from the show. I love that, big time. Naturally I would do a hundred things differently since everyone has a different take on the cards and their meanings and on the characters.
The whole thing got my brain turning on where I would put each character and so on. Since I have to get it out of my system, here is my personal take on the thing. I'm using my interpretation of the Rider Waite cards and characters here so please feel free to say "argh, bullshit" and comment what you think about it. I linked the wiki pages for a more objective interpretation. The more opinions, the more interesting.

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