March 1st, 2008

Granny Tyrell

Sweeney Todd

After a very long cineastic dry spell, we finally found the time to go to the movies yesterday.  I was waiting for Sweeney Todd so badly, because when Johnny Depp and Tim Burton are involved there are usually very few things, that can go wrong for me.
The movie was lovely of course, creepy, bloody , funny and beautiful and I had a wonderful evening. I was told, that Johnny Depp's singing wasn't exactly top notch but fortunately I don't have a musical ear at all so it sounded perfectly fine to me. Although voice wise I found little Toby most intriguing. That boy was quite a marvel.

The cinema was full of teenage goths (calling themselves emos now, as I was told) and I can't help it: I find them so cute.  But have no fear I heroically restrained myself from running around and cuddling every boy with eyeliner.
Granny Tyrell

yay Internet!

I should study, so naturally I'm online making mischief :)
In consequence I am now available on AIM (as Flakesake). So if anyone wants a chat, I'd be happy to oblige :)
(no more spamming today, promise)