October 30th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I just watched half a season of Odyssey 5. I knew, that there is only one season, and that I´ll most likely love it. It´s Firefly all over again.
I don´t even want to find out, why this show was canceled, when Charmed still gets resurrected every year like a zombie, no matter how badly it is decomposing.

For the plot: A group of astronauts witnesses the destruction of earth. Drifting in space, they get rescued by an alien, calling itself the seeker, that offers to transport their consciousness back in time, so that they can look for the reason for the big bang of planet earth. They get transported five years into the past, into their respective bodies. This leads to some strange situations, since two of them are father and son, the son being a teenage pothead at the time.
The writing is supercool, story evolves nicely so far, I adore the characters (they even got a hot brit), but I know from what I read about it, that it´s going to end in a never resolved cliffhanger. Ahhh, cruel world.

The only way i see to deal with this, is starting a role playing group. This one works nice with Firefly (but of course their is an official rpg for that one), where we´ve got a group going for about a year now. Somehow all characters are borderline psychopaths, but it´s fun anyway. Kind of group fanfiction for the verse (with a bit less porn)

I think Odyssey 5 might work out nicely in the call of cthulhu system. Or maybe Gurps. But since I´m an expert with cthulhu and have barely played gurps, it´s probably going to be cthulhu, with slightly better character stats then usual. Since no one over here knows the series, I can als shamelessly nick the plots.

(The spell check wants me to write Catholic instead of Cthulhu, how disturbing is that?)