October 10th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Planet Terror

I just returned from Berlin...sniff...sometimes I´d really love to live in a big city like that.

yesterday I finally got to see Planet Terror. Bad part was, that no cinema in town was showing the movie in english (arg, here comes the urge to move to London again). Films with a lot of swearing sound so incredibly stupid in german.

The fictive Trailer "werewolf women of the ss" was missing of course, because nazi-jokes are not terribly welcome in our broads..., but the "machete" was in and funny enough.

The actual movie was ok, I laughed a great deal and I don´t think I can eat meat for at least a week. Deathproof was better by far, but I´m not complaining. It was zombie-fun deluxe and gave the expression "so bad, that it´s starting to be good again" new meaning.