September 26th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Life on mars again

We´ve seen the first season now and two episodes of the second and I love it more and more with every episode. I´m usually not much one for crime shows, but this one really hooked me. Tyler is so delightfully crazy and DCI Hunt is my all time favorite. I wonder,´if there´s any fanfic ´bout Life on mars, second question is, do I really want to read that? Who am I kidding? Of course i want to! *goes looking*

I read that the show only got two seasons, but it seems there is going to be a sequel called "Ashes to ashes", where a modern Policewoman is transported into the eighties and their DCI Hunt. Sounds fun, I´ll miss John Simm though, but as long as Hunt is on it, I have to watch it anyway.