September 25th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Sarah Jane adventures

Yay! Finally some new Who stuff on telly. And it´s really ok.

The Sarah Jane adventures is a new Doctor Who Spin off in kids program. The pilot aired in April and now the actual series is finally on air. I just saw the first regular episode and I love it. It reminds me of the old czech and british childrens shows, where children were still taken seriously as an audience.
It somehow transports the Doctor Who spirit, imho much better then Torchwood (ok, ok they got JM...I´ll watch) does. Funny how it´s meant for children and still much less childish than the Cardiff commune.
And Sarah Jane is a character I can´t help but like. It´s so rare to see a woman in her fourties on the telly, being the cool a bit mysterious hero instead of someones mother. The woman that never found the time to marry, lives a happy live with her Computer Mr. Smith and is very fond of dry british humor. And investigates on alien activities with the neighbor kids. What´s not to love?

The episodes are only half an hour long, but I think every plot arc is split in two episodes so, they´re actually even a bit longer than the average Doctor. This should do nicely to shorten the waiting time for the new Doctor Who season.