August 11th, 2007

Granny Tyrell


Nothing to do with the vampire...

It´s just a movie I went to see yesterday. It was made by Francois Ozon (who also did swimming pool and 8 woman )and the preview had had a promising look to it.

The story was about a young writer of bad but popular romance novels, who tends to dramatize her own life up to her romantic delusions.

Did sound interesting. Problem was, it just wasn´t. The main character Angel was depicted as a total moron, that one could only dislike, mainly because she was so stupid and ignorant. The film had some funny moments, like when she rushes off in a insulted artists frenzy, when her publisher (Sam Neil) tells her, that he want´s her to change some things in her first novel (like, that you don´t open a champagne bottle with a corkscrew).
And there were some mean elements, like when she makes up a glorious dramatic past for her plain mother days after her death.

All in all it had some nice ideas, but didn´t work out. The actress that played Angel wasn´t up to the job and I just had the feeling that though it was obvious that the film tried to explain the drama of someone, who constantly lies to himself, there where no sharp cuts between Angels sugar-drama-dreamworld and reality. Caught myself looking vor the time several times, i´ve got to confess.

The costumes were nice though and Sam Neil was ok. Not a total waste of time, but definitely nothing to recommend.