July 31st, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Will the vampire people please leave the lobby

I came across the book, while surfing on a fangirl wave of devotion for Buffy the Vampire slayer and preordered it the instant it met my eye. A Book about internet fandom, for print, in real. I had to have it!
And I wasn´t disappointed. The author Allyson Beatrice describes life as a fangirl and the twisted ways of the web in a funny and very eloquent way.

The stories evolve mainly around Buffy and other whedonesque fandoms, but the main focus is on the personalities the author came across in her fandom. I´ve not socialized so much on the web with online Buffy fandom so far but so many of the personae and situations she describes go for every fan related message board, i´ve ever visited. The kerkuffles, where everybody calls everybody a fascist in the end, people who create fake personae to crave attention, family, who can barely e-mail. All this was so familiar, I would have hugged Allyson over the book, if that had been possible.

That also goes for her stories about the various ways, she describes friendships and social bonding in the web. At times the book was just funny and snarky but some parts were outright touching. I had to check on all my favorite message boards and online friends, right after finishing it.
It might be, because I´m into the same fandoms, as the author and also seem to have read the same books, but I really liked it. It´s not a book, I´d recommend to everyone, but for people, that spend quite some time online in discussions and fandom, it`s a great read. Besides it´s the first and only book on the topic I ever saw.

I really hope, she´ll write more, I´ll buy her books for sure.