July 13th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Saw Harry Potter 5

Wow, I liked it sooooo much better than the fourth movie, though it´s the book I liked least in the series so far.
Dolores Umbridge was a stunning scary pink menace with all that porcelain of evil!
Snape was at his best once more, makes me really look forward too the next movie, when he´ll be hopefully seen more often.
And I loved the twins great exit! + I want to adopt Luna Lovegood.
Nearly headless Nick missed though, did John Cleese not want to play in this movie?

This time they really got the plot transported, probably because the book was not as tangled as the fourth one. There was just more space left, more stuff that could be left out, without crippling the story.

Also they cut the retarded thing with the mirror out. I really disliked it in the book, because imho it was the first time, the characters behaved really stupid. Why would Harry not remember the mirror to contact Sirius? I just didn´t get it.
I´m also glad, that they cut the teen angst thing short, too much Cho and I would have choked.

Anyway , movie and bookwise The Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite but this one makes a close second. And now I´m really exited about reading the 7th novel :)
Granny Tyrell

Angel - Auld lang syne

I just got my issue of the Auld lang syne comic and wolfed it down pretty much.

It was nice enough, but imho something was missing.

David Messinas drawings are ok and I loved the dynamics of the fight scenes - Angel and Spike having a nice fist fight - always a good thing. He captured those two quite well too, unfortunately I can´t say that about the other characters making an appearance. Darla and Drusilla would not have been recognizable at all, if their names weren´t shout to introduce them. I´m not really picky about how an artists chooses to picture characters and it sure is difficult too catch the actors looks and combine it with ones own style. The features don´t have to be detailed for me to catch on, but some general traits have to fit to transport the series sensation.
For example Drusilla in the series is always swaying around an has this halve starved look. In the comic book she´s curvy and stands straight as broomstick.
Worst was the picture of Spikes mum, just drawing random lines into a persons face doesn´t really make her look old.

I read Asylum some weeks ago and found I liked Franco Urrus art quite well, it was more chaotic than Messinas, but also more detailed and original, so I hope, he´ll do some for Season 6 too.

The general plot of Auld lang syne was quite ok, and I liked the idea with Lillith an her interest in souled vampires as a special treat. The dialogs were acceptable too, but I don´t think the characters were captured all that well. There was hardly a scene were i thought " oh yeah, that´s Spike/ Angel!"
(Also had the impression Spike overused the word "filly" a lot)

In general it had the problem most of the comic books do. It just seemed a bit too artificial for my taste. Designed to appeal to anyone, who liked the shows, but  not offending anyone either by using real dramatic settings, that might lead to real changes in the characters lives or their personal development. I´d wish the writers would be more daring in this. The comics aside from Joss´own aren´t considered canon anyway, so they might as well let loose some crazy ideas of their own.

 All in all Auld Lang Syne was a nice read, but nothing to remember for long.
I think, I´ll rather stick with Brian Lynchs books. I don´t like all of what he´s doing, but he captures the characters essence and he seems to have some designs on his own were to take them.