July 9th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Y-The last man

I just finished reading my most recent amazon shipment: Y- The Last man Part 5 & 6

I started reading the series about the same time as Fables, and while I became an instant fables addict, it took me a while to warm up to this one. It´s getting better and better though. There are still some ideas about a demi-post-apocalyptic world, run by the female survivors of the gendercide, that I can´t really relate to. For example, while I think it realistic, that there are not a  lot of submarines about anymore (since nearly every person involved with them was male), I think it somewhat strange that there is hardly any media left in Vaughans world. There´s tons of women in entertainment and information business, and I´d think it´d be one of the sectors, that would be damaged, but not nearly completely silenced by the plague.
But speculating around and toying with the idea of an all girls world is most of the fun with Y anyway.

I like the character development however, even if someone is acting like a total nutcase, I usually get the characters motivation and inner conflicts. At least the main characters get more dept, than I´m used from most comic books, and who could possibly not love 355 an Yorick -"I used to write knight rider fanfic"- Brown.

The story is ok and still interesting, though moving a little to slow, for my taste. Somehow there´re parts, that feel like filler episodes, where they stumble about and meet yet another community of deranged paramilitary girl-scouts. But whenever the plot is limping the dialogs are still great and make me look forward to the Season 8 story arc Vaughan is going to do.

So here I go and order number 7