July 8th, 2007

Granny Tyrell

Casanova with David Tennant

So, first entry here, no point in sentimentality, straight to the fandom :)

After the season final of Doctor Who 2007, which I liked a great deal (though not as much as Blink!), I got a little sad, that I would have to wait till christmas  to see more of the  Doctor, so I started surfing  a bit, to find out about  other projects by Russel T. Davies and/or David Tennant. After a while I came across this three part BBC-miniseries by RTD and starring David Tennant as Casanova. Yesterday I finally found the time to watch it and all in all it was really fun.

The story moves on pretty fast, so there is no time to get bored, which would not have happened anyway, because the dialogs are funny and even contain some really great lines (loved the dueling scene, for example). Any attempt of historical correctness is just abandoned for flair and pretty costumes (a bit like in "A knight´s tale"). So the french court mostly exists as one ball room with people dressed up like candy and dancing like madmen.

Tennant is fun to watch as always and does the trick to get emotion even into situations that are barely described. Also he acted a lot like the Doctor (except for the sex of course), I expected the Tardis to shrump itself into existence at any point.
The character of Casanova is described as somewhat innocent, pushed around by his heart a lot , rather not as predatory seducer ( I don´t think, that would have been very convincing) and more like the guy, who is just to nice to put down. It reminded me a bit of the characters Roberto Benigni usually plays. I also liked the relation between the two main characters, because it was so straightforward and  understanding. No one ever wasted time, with angsting  about  or jealousy that would have been stupid in context. They just made a really nice couple with a lot of misfortunate circumstances.

It´s nothing to remember forever, but it was fun to watch and helped a bit to fill the gap, till the Sarah Jane adventures are going to start in autumn. I wonder,how this one will turn out. I enjoyed the Pilot episode and I think a Doctor Who spin off for children might work nicely and it can hardly be more infantile than Torchwood (and I´m gonna watch their second season anyway, because JM and JB, who cares how thin the plot line is, that brings those two together :D ).