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More happy

Yesterday was just wonderful. I hestitate to be so pathetic, but it was as if a giant load was lifted off the country. Everybody was smiling at each other in the streets. I was on a playground with my son and parents were sitting all around chuckling happy with Schadenfreude at their cellphones as the Nazi Vice chancellor had to step down because of his endless stupidity!

The whole day everybody was wondering if they would just exchange heads and replace him with Norbert Hobert (their candidate for our endless presidential elections and current minister for infrastructure) but in the end our whiny conservative child prime minister announced that there will be elections in September. I was never so happy for our green president. I'm pretty sure things would not have gone that smoothly without that wonderful old man in the Hofburg.

The happy is short term of course. I guess we will see the true consequences next weekend at the EU ellections and it is sadly possible that the Nazis will not even lose that many votes. Conspiracy theories are running wild on their websites, helped by the fact that in this case, there was an actual conspiracy. Nobody knows where the Ibiza video came from. It was made before the last election, two years ago and apparently it was offered to several people for money (among them the German comedian Jan Böhmermann) before being given anonymously to two German newspapers last week.

Strache is playing the victim of course and even more so is Kurz, who is rubbing his hands. He figures that the FPÖ losses will all go to him as it happened with Schüssel the last time a conservative/nazi coalition blew up. He might very well be right but I hope it will not be enough for an absolute majority. A conservative only government would be a disaster, but I am hopeful, that he'll have at least a small party in there to keep him in check.

It is also excellent news for the green party, who is likely going to return to parliament. We'll see. For now I am just happy. A lot of people are happy. It is a bubble thing of course and I am aware that on the countryside, the atmosphere is very different for sure, but I just don't care. I was right. So right. Living in this nightmare government was really getting to me. I was starting to wonder if I was going crazy not the world around me being stupid. But I was right. So right. What you see in that video, that is exactly what I would have expected from Strache and Gudenus. And now, everybody sees it. It just feels good.

And let us not forget the marvelous comedic value of this. Gudenus who attempts to t
translate Strache to the fake russian oligarch with miming a gun when they talk about getting money from Gaston Glock and then how he "translates" Heidi Horton, as Heidi Horton. They are such morons.
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