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After the fall #5

Very cool issue again, but I'll never be able to adapt to how short those comic books are, it's like having just a spoon foul of something tremendously delicious.

So the senior partners are yanking the chain on Wesley. I wonder what will happen to  him. Angel has far less need of him, now that he is reunited with the rest of the team. No one is going to trust him and with good reason since he wont be able to trick the senior partners often. I was glad that Lorne was so quick to grasp his situation. Still all the signs point towards tragedy with him ( but a really good one).

I also found it interesting that W&H was so peeved about the building, obviously Gunn has hit somewhere, where it hurt, which makes sense. Since he was the guy with the white room access in his living days, maybe he wanted to destroy something specific. And even if he just wanted to just wrack havoc, who knows what kind of beings were locked up in the cellar besides Pavayne.

To see Angel shaving was nice and all but, hey, the Buffy vamps do have hair growth. We know that from Spike's dark roots in the S7's hair of guilt. It's also hard to picture Angelus getting a hair elongation every time the fashion changes.

I laughed so hard about the vampire glamour being deep inside Angel. He made it sound like it's a magic but plug. Pity that Spike wasn't around to help with that, I bet that would have been one of the still unfulfilled half of his wishes.

I liked to see Spike's girls dressed for a change. I seriously can't wait to read more about them in First night and Spike-AtF. I keep wondering about there intentions and about that panel in #4, where we see Spike standing over Spider's beheaded corpse with an axe in the flying car future (and there's that Buffy cover too, so could it be, that Buffy will run into him in the future??? Questions, questions...).

What's up with Illyria? Wes' death seems to have shaken her badly. I loved how caring Spike is with her, but I wonder what kind of help he expects Angel to give her. Especially if there is really a remnant of Fred left inside her and the Fred look isn't a mask she uses to show feelings that she otherwise can't handle.

A little thing a about the art here. Wow, Urru's women have improved a great deal! Fred and Illyria look very recognizable this time and Gwen is stunning too. He gets a big yay from me for working on this!

Wow,you really are his son, huh?
Heh, loved this line on Connor's pessimism. One of the biggest assets of AtF is how great the character voices are. I think comic Connor is my favorite version of him so far.

I really have a hard time sussing out what Gunn's up too. Dammit that character is so twisted it's utterly brilliant. I really can't tell on which side he's going to interfere. I wonder if he knows that Angel is human now. He might want to take that from him.

The big battle was made of comic awesomeness. I'm so joining Groo's fanclub for big monsters! And even if I didn't like the action at all, the scene between Spike and Angel was to die for.

He was right and I'm a champion and I-I-
Just awwwwwww! As long as nobody can prove me wrong, I 'll see that as a canon Spangel love declaration :).

The cliffhanger was of course mean to no end, but I love it how they can make me gnaw on my nails.
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