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Breaking Bad Finale

I couldn't wait to see it, so I watched it during lunchbreak. I probably should have celebrated it more, but I simply couldn't wait.

It was good, really good. Such a solid and good way to wrap it up. I liked it that at the same time it did redeem Walt a little, with him finally owning up to what he did and honestly doing a few things for other people, but it did not forgive and forget. Walt went to his end with his head held high, but he went, no chickening out and having him end up as a Lumberjack.

I liked what he did with Gretchen and Elliot. I was worried that he would actually harm them but of course the genuinely rich people are the perfect money laundry. And even though he bluff threatened them into it, they got to do right by him. He finally didn't just lash out and take revenge or anything but he basically forced them to do him this favor that in a way they owed him.

Ahhh the Stevia, and isn't ricin just the perfect way to get rid of the hypochondriac.

Then of course Skyler and Walt had their big good bye and this conversation where he finally owns up to the fact that he did it for himself to feel alive.Then him giving her the coordinates for Hank and Gomez's graves. It was so beautifully executed.

The showdown with the Nazi's and Jesse's rescue was also a great moment. Like I said I only watched it during lunch break and I probably missed some stuff again that I will only get on the rewatch but it was really good. Tod was such a psycho, even when Walt killed all his friends and family, he seemed to basically just admire Walt's style right up to the moment, where Jesse strangles him (good on Jesse). I am not sure I fully understood Walt and Jesse's final moment yet. Walt gave Jesse the chance to take revenge on him, like he did on Tod but it was clear to both of them that it would be more a sort of assisted suicide. And the real moment is, that Jesse finally refuses to do Walt's dirty work anymore and tells him to do it himself and leaves. Another good ending.

Walt dies alone in the lab with his true love, which somehow manages to be a good and peaceful ending.

So where are the DVDs? This was the best show television has come up with so far.
Tags: breaking bad, tv

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