flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Hit & Miss

I'm still a very bad LJ citizen, beeing barely around. Hope you're all doing fine!

I just watched the first episode of Hit & Miss and I think I like it. Choe Sevengnie made me stick with Big Love for the whole run and she is superb in this show, although I think I would have liked it if they had given the role to a transsexual man. The whole premise with the transsexual assassin becoming the mother of her dead girl-friends children (among them her biological son) sounded a bit over the top to me, but they did a very good job with making it work. I can barely wait for the next episode.

Has anyone seen the show? I heard that it is concluded in one season?

Also, anything else I should watch these days? I hear very good things about "Orange is the new Black"?
Tags: hit & miss, tv shows

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