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Game of Thrones 3.10

Not really a review, more some questions I have to the people that remember the books better than me. Don't read, if you have not read the books and want to stay unspoiled!

So, no Joeffrey choking to death at his wedding. Sad. I was a bit looking forward to that.

But on a more interesting side: Shae

I have to say that it is ten years or so since I read the book so I am very very uncertain about the details, but the way I remember it, Shae always seems very opaque. It is obvious that she is partly saying what Tyrion wants to hear but there are points were it seems like she loves him.

Yet there is no real turning point for her, is there? She stabs him in the back when his fortune turns (with that nice speech at his trial) and it sure looks like she has been on Tywin's payroll for a while, when Tyrion finds her in his bed and strangles her (his darkest moment in the books imho, far worse than killing his father).

It seems to me that show-Shae is a lot more complex? Book-Shae as I remember her probably would have taken Varys money and left. Show Shae is actually in love with Tyrion but what could bring her to switch sides? Just fear? In that case it would be trice horrible of him to murder her like that. Or do they plan to show, what promts her to stab him in the back? Does anyone remember her storyline from the books better? It's probably already there. Does he plan to marry her off for her own good at some point or something?
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