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Game of Thrones 3.03

Sadly I had no time to post about the first two episodes of the season which I largely enjoyed, but tonight I finally don't have to hurry to the next thing after watching. I'm afraid this will be full of book spoilers.

I liked the introduction of the Tullys a lot (Hello Brutus!), with Edmure missing the funeral shot, it was the perfect scene to introduce him. Also loved how the Blackfish stepped up and even how Rob was taking over at Riverrun.

Can't really warm up to his wife though. She's just not very interesting and I hope they don't give her too much screentime and focus more on the book characters .

The new small council scene was beautifully done with all the chair moving. Poor Tyrion, stuck with yet another shitty job.

Loved the Good Bye sceene between Arya and Hot Pie with the bread wolf.

North of the wall things go on with Jon and the wildlings. Not that she said much this episode, but I really like Ygritte on the show. Also I'm very much looking forward to the Sam/Gilly thing evolving.

The Theon scenes are,..., well assuming that the boy is Ramsay playing cruel games with Theon,...horrible. I was actually glad I didn't have to witness that in the books, not sure I want to now.

Looking forward to Dany stomping on Astapor with the Unsullied. I love the way, she plays it here with letting them all underestimate her. I wish her storyline would have been kept so well paced in the later books. And it's nice to have Missandei there.

Then there was the brothel scene with Tyrion, Bronn and Pod. Hm, you would think that they have enough sex scenes in the books, for them not to feel the need to invent additional ones, not? But I guess the problem with the sex scenes in the books is that they depict sex, they are not porn (written to please the watcher/reader). Most of the (consensual) sex in the books is between Tyrion and Shae and those scenes are always conveniently cut. I think they kind of have a problem with showing sex that does not only feature people that conform with conventional beauty standards. The books do have lots of sex, but it never felt so gratuitous and for sex sake as on the show.

And then finally there were Jaime and Brienne. Is that guy supposed to be Vargo Hoat? I thought he was with the Mountain, not with the Boltons? It's ages since I read the book and I have to say I'm actually glad if they are reducing the henchmen freakshow.
It's all played very well and the dehanding after Jaime saves Brienne still caught me by surprise. Poor Jaime.

Loved the Punk Bear and the Maiden Fair.
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