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Les Miserables Movie

I know, I'm late to the party as always when I wait for stuff to reach me offline but I saw the Les Miserables movie today and I loved it.

I had heard some bits of the soundtrack and was prepared to be disappointed because I was so biased by the recordings I knew and the stage performances I had seen. But the most part it was completely brilliant. I think letting the actors sing in scene was a very good idea. It really used the new medium to its full extent. Yes the musical quality is a little lower, but the emotions are transported perfectly.

The only real weakpoint in the cast was Russel Crowe. He just looked like he had no idea what to do with the character and his singing was, especially in the big Javert scenes, much too weak and his face to inexpressive. But that was really the one single minuspoint.

I think Hugh Jackman absolutely has a chance of making best actor this year with this and he would absolutely deserve it. I also found the new song they added when Valjean adoptes Cosette very good. I later read an interview about it and that it something like that would not have worked on stage and I agree. But what they also said was that wanted to avoid at all costs any air of pedophilia between Cosette and Valjean. Ok, good idea, but actually the plot is that the Thenardiers think they are renting Cosette out to a pedophile, when he buys her off. There is a verse about it and they cut it from the movie. I tend to think this goes a bit against what Hugo tried to do with the book, which is look the ugly things the eye instead of avoiding them.

Anne Hathaway was a great Fantine and I also really hope she wins the oscar in her category, she would absolutely deserve it.
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