flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

More of the sketchy stuff

So, here it is! For the adorable zoesmith, a pencil sketch of Drusilla. Thank you very much for the request. I was so motivated by it :). It's of course far from how I really wanted it to look like, but I hope I caught at least a bit of her likeness.

If you wish to enlarge just do the clicky thing.
How comes, that so many of Joss' girls have this little bumps on their noses (Buffy, Dru, Inara)? They are kind of cute, but a bitch to draw.
If you click yourself through the gallery, you can behold my (very) failed attempt to draw a punky Dru (unfortunately she's not really recognizable, because I didn't have a helping foto handy when I drew it...put I saved it, because I want to try that again), and also a picture of Angel (also from memory).
Tags: drusilla, fanart

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