flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Being Human

I'm a geek for the supernatural. If a show has got vampires in it, I've got to watch. It's not a given, that I will actually like it or that I'll keep watching, but I can't walk by a vampire show without giving it a shot. So I watched the first episode of  this show and hey, that was fun!

The characters are kind of endearing (especially the werewolf, who sorts his books alphabetically) and except for some little things I liked the setting too. The vampire guy is pretty (in a skinny way, which I love) and quite slashable, unfortunately I could not find some proper pictures of him online. That has to change. Being human definitely deserves some attention. I can't really say, if the plot is going to be any good, but it has potential. The whole vampire society thing reminded me very much of the time, when I played Vampire-the masquerade, with the vampires meeting in some basement every two weeks. Fun times, when we planned bloody fictive murder in every free minute. It's too early to say, how the whole good vampire among evil kindred- thing will develop in this show, but I like it, that the moral lines are fuzzy and that Mitchell is not an outcast from the beginning.

And it's fun too :) Loved that exchange:
 Werewolf: What would you do with 10 million pounds?
Ghost girl: Buy Colin Firth!

So, it's not like a total revelation or something, but I think it's nice enough. Anyone else seen it?
Tags: being human, guy flanagan, tv

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