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Angel - After the fall #2

Squeeeeee! Squee squeededy, squeee sqeeamus sqee squeest.

Can I say it again? I love After the Fall!! It does all the things for me, that I hoped season 8 would do! I get the comics insanely late, so this goes online, when everybody is already discussing #3 *sigh*. Anyway, god, this was good stuff. I love how Lynch caught and modified the dynamics between the characters.
First there is Ghost-Wes, who is nice and all but of course can't ever be trusted. Can't  wait to see, where they will take him. Is there a way to free a contract bound ghost?
I liked the scenes between Angel and Connor a lot. Non crazy season five Connor was always my favorite and I like how he's dealing with the hell dimension. After all, he's a fish, thrown back into the pond.
Somehow they managed to make Gunn one of the most interesting characters, I never thought that was possible.  His speech to poor Beta George was sooo disturbing. He really makes a twisted vampire. Full of self-loathing, yet there is no doubt about him being totally evil. I wonder,  if he'll get some interaction with Spike. After all, Spike tried to be a good guy without a soul too. I'd figure he'd have to say a few things about it .
Which gets me to the next part of awesomeness. Spike in the red silk pyjamas, oh how I wish that had been filmed!!! The scenes between him and Angel are great of course and I'm very much looking forward to the story behind  this whole, prisoner  to prisoner with benefits  to lord speech.  Heh, it was soo funny, when he told the girl to throw  the cup angrily for him (was that the cup of perpetual nothing?), he really makes a very cute lord. How the hell did he come to live as Ilyria's pet? (....hm, I feel a strong urge for porny fanfiction arise). Well he always had a thing for strong women and contrary to his former girlfriends she seems to make it worth his while :). I'm still guessing that he won't let her dispose of the irritation that  is Angel.

For the arts...ok, ok Brian Lynch loves Franco Urru and it's ok. It could be far worse and his art is dynamic and he has some very good ideas (like red pyjamas...), still it could be far better too.
The cover art is very beautiful, though it made me long a bit for Jo Chen, because her covers are sooo perfect. Can we have a Jo Chen cover of Spike in the red pyjamas (ok...I'll admit a wee little obsession), please? *makes puppy dog eyes*

In Jo Chen related news, I just ordered her manga  (The other side of the mirror).  I wonder if her comic artwork is as stunning as her covers, from what I saw it looks a bit like Fuyumi Soryo's stuff (which would be a good thing for me).
Tags: after the fall, angel, brian lynch, comics, franco urru, jo chen

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