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A bit of Torchwood

I watched three episodes 2.3-2.6 in a row today. Actually I was at least partly pleasantly surprised.

Ok, maybe I'm biased, maybe James Marsters was just too good in comparison, but 2.02 sucked so hard. Everybody was back to behaving  completely irrational. And Jack seems to have the emotional control of a hormone bomb teenager, getting her period. Being a total stonecold bitch in one moment and then melting with tears of sympathy in the next. It just goes too quick. It's a bit like on Doctor Who, but while David Tennant has the ability to make these quick mood swings believable, JB just hasn't.

The soldier from the past was sweet and all, but again the acting just wasn't good enough to transport the emotions. So to me, it was a bit boring and I almost forgot what it was about. 

So my enthusiasm for watching Meat was as low as is to be expected. But here I really was surprised. First Rhys. I think I'll officially name him my favorite torchwood cast character. He and Gwen were really sweet and him getting in on Torchwood without getting a mindwipe afterward was a good conclusion. I'm very interested to see, what will come from it.
The plot was ok, though, Jack was well...I'm really starting to dislike him and his emotional outbursts. First he bitches at Rhys for no reason at all, then he get's all teary eyed over the whale. Get a grip man!
But all in all, I was happy with the episode. The plot was acceptable and the scenes between Rhys and Gwen were really interesting.

Next was Adam: Ok, now that was a really interesting alien. The mindaltering thing was well done, except for few things. Why did it suddenly reverse the Tosh Owen thing? Did he lose a memory, that dedorkyfied him? Have I missed something?
It was so mean, that Gwen forgot Rhys, but it led to some brilliant scenes. I think, I'll stick with him as my favorite.
And we know some more about Grey. What would be very interesting of course is, why was John searching for Grey as well. Does he have his own reasons, or is he just obsessed with Jack? Or did he stumble across him on accident? I'd really like to see the fit, Jack will throw, if John fucked his little brother :)
All in all, intriguing episode.

I saw that Martha was going to appear on Reset so I had to keep watching. Ah, she was wonderful!!! Bringing all the doctorness to Torchwood, that I hoped she would. Being brilliant, lighthearted and daring. It was also fun to see Daniel's father from Ugly Betty as the evil doctor.
I was a wondering why the Tosh/Owen thing was suddenly so nice. Should have known, that it could only mean, one of them has to die :). Me personally I could live with Owen staying dead, but I'm sure, they're going to resurrect him with much angsting next week. I hope, they can pull it off, without having them behave like raving lunatics again.

They got me hooked. I don't think, I'll stop nagging soon, but I'll keep watching and if they can keep the level of the last three episodes, enjoying.
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