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Kiss Kiss bang bang

Heh! I just got up an hour early, to watch it before I have to go to university.

Oh this was so neat! Every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. The writing was brilliant, there were so many fun lines, especially from Captain John. Captain John was of course the best thing in the episode, so evil, snarky and sexy but surprisingly the other Torchwooders were a bit of ok too. I did not want to strangle Owen, Toshi was ok and Gwen was great, when she got chained to the Captain. And Ianto, Ianto grew balls over the break, not available for office romance anymore, wants a proper date, cute!!

And they got me interested in this Grey thing, so I'll definitely keep watching. Still can't wait for Martha to turn up. And of course I want Captain John back. He is not Spike, but as close as it gets these days. Loved all the squabbles, he had with Jack, the princess Leia bit and the wive discussion, heh!

ETA: I just watched again...and could it be, that John and jack have a child together that went missing (Grey?)`There is this shot of the hands and some lines from John: "We share something, Jack and I", "he'll leave you." and so on.
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